Thursday, February 14, 2019

Sony's New Wearable Strap Will Make Your Traditional Watch Smart

Sony's New Wearable Strap Will Make Your Traditional Watch Smart

Since the launch of Android Wear in 2014, Sony did not introduce any new innovation with the wearable devices & smartwatch. Now the company has shocked people by bringing such a strap, which will turn the traditional watch into a smartwatch. That is, your traditional watch will tell you the same time as before, many new features will add to your watch's strap.

As a hybrid smart wearable, you will be able to do contactless payments, smartphone notifications & basic fitness tracking with this device.

This strap of Sony comes in two styles

Fitness Freak is the first silicon-based strap for people, which is named Wena Wrist Active.
On the other hand, the second metal-based strap is for those who like the premium design & have been named Wena Wrist Pro.
Note: You can pre-order this strap in the UK today, but no notifications related to the release date of the company have yet to come. So far it is not known when the company can take this tech device in the US or Australia.

Design & colours of this strap
The metal strap is designed to be attached to your high-end traditional watch. It is a band of 20 mm but attached to the watch, with 18, 20 or 22 mm gap given.
This strap can attached to almost every classic watch, you will find Silver & Black two color options.
This version of the strap is also water-proof up to a depth of 50 meters. You also get a display on the back side of the wrist to see fitness activity or notifications.

Sony's strap device features

Due to contactless payment technology, this strap will be able to pay directly from the Wirecard Booon App. However, it does not support Google Pay or Apple Pay.
A black box like display the back of the stap will also show the notifications coming on the smartphone.

This device equipped with a heart rate sensor & GPS will not disappoint you.